Boost Patient Care and Production

"Step ONE is to get your team on the same page with a written treatment protocol."

-Karoline Biami, Dentist BDS, RDH, Dental Hygiene Coach and Mentor

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Mother Shares Her Battle with Oral Cancer

-I Survived Oral Cancer-

What Mom puts herself before her kids? I had the sore on my tongue for a month. Everything else seemed more important. Finally, I got to an oral surgeon who did an incisional biopsy. The results were 'Hyperkeratosis", which I was told was a hardening of the skin, like a callous. Nothing to be concerned … Continue reading...

Get the F.A.C.T.’s about Oral Cancer

The F.A.C.T.'s About Oral Cancer

Sex, Drugs & Oral Cancer™…what’s the connection? We all know the risk factors of “drugs”, tobacco and alcohol, and their role in oral cancer, but what does “sex” have to do with it? Sexually transmitted HPV is one of the fastest growing oral cancer risk factors, affecting patients at a much younger age … Continue reading...

Karoline Biami Featured on Crosslink Radio

Crosslink Promo Picture

It was my incredible pleasure to be featured as a guest on Crosslink Radio with Shirley Gutkowski. Crosslink Radio is an online radio show that is focused on connecting passionate and driven healthcare providers from all fields of healthcare to discuss how we can work together to make our patients lives … Continue reading...